Maximum number of source code lines to be displayed. Defaults to 25.
default (integer) :
Maximum number of trace source code lines to be displayed. Defaults to 10. @since 1.1.6
default (integer) :
The application administrator information (could be a name or email link). It is displayed in error pages to end users. Defaults to 'the webmaster'.
default (string) :
'the webmaster'
Whether to discard any existing page output before error display. Defaults to true.
default (boolean) :
The route (eg 'site/error') to the controller action that will be used to display external errors. Inside the action, it can retrieve the error information by Yii::app()->errorHandler->error. This property defaults to null, meaning CErrorHandler will handle the error display.
* default (string) :
The behaviors that should be attached to this component. The behaviors will be attached to the component when {@link init} is called. Please refer to {@link CModel::behaviors} on how to specify the value of this property.
default (array) :
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