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CErrorHandlererrorHandlerCErrorHandler handles uncaught PHP errors and exceptions. deactivate View Update
CDbConnectiondbCDbConnection represents a connection to a database. deactivate View Update
CLogRouterlogCLogRouter manages log routes that record log messages in different media. deactivate View Update
CAssetManagerassetManagerCAssetManager is a Web application component that manages private files (called assets) and makes them accessible by Web clients. deactivate View Update
CWebUseruserCWebUser represents the persistent state for a Web application user. deactivate View Update
CSecurityManagersecurityManagerCSecurityManager provides private keys, hashing and encryption functions.activate View
CStatePersisterstatePersisterCStatePersister implements a file-based persistent data storage.activate View
CPhpMessageSourcemessagesCPhpMessageSource represents a message source that stores translated messages in PHP scripts.activate View
CFormatterformatCFormatter provides a set of commonly used data formatting methods.activate View
CClientScriptclientScriptCClientScript manages JavaScript and CSS stylesheets for views.activate View
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