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defaultController'default'The ID of the default controller for this module. Defaults to 'default'.string
layoutnullThe layout that is shared by the controllers inside this module. If a controller has explicitly declared its own {@link CController::layout layout}, this property will be ignored. If this is null (default), the application's layout or the parent module's layout (if available) will be used. If this is false, then no layout will be used.mixed
controllerNamespacenullNamespace that should be used when loading controllers. Default is to use global namespace. @since 1.1.11string
controllerMaparray()Mapping from controller ID to controller configurations. Pleaser refer to {@link CWebApplication::controllerMap} for more details.array
preloadarray()The IDs of the application components that should be preloaded.array
behaviorsarray()The behaviors that should be attached to the module. The behaviors will be attached to the module when {@link init} is called. Please refer to {@link CModel::behaviors} on how to specify the value of this property.array
controllerPathnullThe directory that contains the controller classes. @throws CException if the directory is invalidstring
viewPathnullThe root directory of view files. @throws CException if the directory does not exist.string
layoutPathnullThe root directory of layout files. @throws CException if the directory does not exist.string
idnullSets the module ID. the module IDstring
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