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Rights module class file.

DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT CONFIGURATION VALUES! You may overload the module configuration values in your rights-module configuration like so: 'modules'=>array( 'rights'=>array( 'userNameColumn'=>'name', 'flashSuccessKey'=>'success', 'flashErrorKey'=>'error', ), ),


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modulesnullConfigures the sub-modules of this module. Call this method to declare sub-modules and configure them with their initial property values. The parameter should be an array of module configurations. Each array element represents a single module, which can be either a string representing the module ID or an ID-configuration pair representing a module with the specified ID and the initial property values. For example, the following array declares two modules: <pre> array( 'admin', // a single module ID 'payment'=>array( // ID-configuration pair 'server'=>'paymentserver.com', ), ) </pre> By default, the module class is determined using the expression <code>ucfirst($moduleID).'Module'</code>. And the class file is located under <code>modules/$moduleID</code>. You may override this default by explicitly specifying the 'class' option in the configuration. You may also enable or disable a module by specifying the 'enabled' option in the configuration. module configurations.array
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