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Rights module class file.

DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT CONFIGURATION VALUES! You may overload the module configuration values in your rights-module configuration like so: 'modules'=>array( 'rights'=>array( 'userNameColumn'=>'name', 'flashSuccessKey'=>'success', 'flashErrorKey'=>'error', ), ),


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installfalseWhether to install rights when accessed.boolean
baseUrl'/rights'The base url to Rights. Override when module is nested.string
layout'rights.views.layouts.main'The path to the layout file to use for displaying Rights.string
appLayout'application.views.layouts.main'The path to the application layout file.string
cssFilenullThe style sheet file to use for Rights.string
debugfalseWhether to enable debug mode.boolean
defaultController'default'The ID of the default controller for this module. Defaults to 'default'.string
controllerNamespacenullNamespace that should be used when loading controllers. Default is to use global namespace. @since 1.1.11string
controllerMaparray()Mapping from controller ID to controller configurations. Pleaser refer to {@link CWebApplication::controllerMap} for more details.array
preloadarray()The IDs of the application components that should be preloaded.array
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